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Beverly Hills Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire Facelift:

Imagine a rejuvenating skin treatment uniquely customized to you…

…perfectly matched to your skin’s needs, right down to the cellular level

Beverly Hills Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire FaceliftIs this you? 

  • Your skin just isn’t as bright as it used to be
  • You’ve noticed fine lines and sagging around your mouth, eyes, or cheeks
  • The dark circles or puffiness under your eyes just won’t go away

When your skin is exposed to the numerous environmental factors that cause the signs of aging, over time, it loses its resiliency.

This is partly due to the breakdown of a structural protein known as collagen, as well as the fact that as you age, you simply don’t produce as much collagen as you used to.

The collagen in your skin is like the frame under a house or the wire underneath a sculpture…if you remove parts of it, the outer layers will sag.

Traditional treatments like fillers and wrinkle relaxers can help.

But what if you could provide a way of stimulating your own collagen production – with a product that’s perfectly matched to your own cellular make-up? 

This is the beauty (and science) behind Beverly Hills Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire Facelift.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

The platelets in your blood are what allow you to heal and grow new skin when you have a cut or scrape.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP for short) is a way of harnessing the power of your skin’s own healing abilities and making them ultra concentrated. Then they’re delivered to exactly where they’re needed to heal, restore, and refresh your skin’s own ability to create collagen.

Once this platelet rich plasma is reintroduced into your facial areas, your collagen-producing abilities get back to work, creating the structure you need to restore youthful fullness in your face.

  • Fine lines are diminished…
  • Healthy, glowing skin is restored…
  • Under eye puffiness or circles fade…

PRP with micro needling is your solution for looking naturally younger and refreshed again.

It’s like turning back the hands of time.

How PRP and Micro Needling Work:

As mentioned, platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is perfectly matched to your body’s needs…

…because it’s created from your very own cells.

We draw a very small amount of blood into a sterile collecting tube, then spin it in a centrifuge.

The act of spinning the blood very fast helps it separate out into the components that make it up.

After it’s spun, you can see the different kinds of cells…and it’s amazing! You can see the red and white blood cells, of course, and the part we’re interested in – your platelets and plasma (the clear fluid within your blood).  And it’s this “platelet-rich plasma” with its concentrated number of platelets that is so helpful in restoring your youthful appearance.

Is the Beverly Hills Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire Facelift a New Treatment?

Well…yes…and no.

PRP itself has been around for at least 30 years!

Doctors and researchers have long been aware of the use of your body’s own healing mechanism in such a concentrated and targeted way. It’s been used in reconstructive surgeries, orthopedic medicine, and dental procedures, to name a few applications, because doctors have known that platelet-rich plasma is so helpful at creating a supportive structure (matrix) to restore youthful fullness lost in the aging process.

What to Expect During PRP and Micro Needling

A small amount of blood will be drawn from you so your customized PRP can be created.

We will then prepare and cleanse your skin for the treatment.

Shea will perform the micro needling procedure itself – it’s a series of tiny injections that are only mildly uncomfortable (many clients report no discomfort at all).  The injections take only few moments themselves – about 15 minutes all together.

There’s no need for any special aftercare and you won’t need to take time off from your regular daily activities or events.

You may have some mild swelling, redness, or bruising – this fades within 1-3 days.

And the best part – the possibility of negative side effects is virtually eliminated, thanks to the fact that the PRP came from your very own cells!

Beverly Hills Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire Facelift Results

The beauty of PRP is that it stimulates your own collagen production, meaning that you won’t look “done.”  You’ll just look better. Fresher. More rested.

After your procedure, you can expect improved skin tone and texture, skin that looks and feels tighter, and a softening of expression lines and pores as well. Results will begin to show 3-4 weeks after the treatment session and continue to improve with time. Three treatment sessions are generally recommended, spaced 1-2 months apart, to achieve the best outcome.

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