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Beverly Hills Non Surgical Wedding Makeover

The Surgery-Free Solution For Simply Flawless Skin
So You Can Look Stunningly Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day


What if the flawless skin you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding photos is just a phone call and a few simple visits away? Beverly Hills Non Surgical Wedding Makeover

Looking radiant for your wedding isn’t just a matter of chance, and having perfect, glowing skin for your wedding photos isn’t only for those with great genetics.

But it’s not something you want to leave until the last minute before your big day, either.

When you have a deadline – like a wedding – time is of the essence. It’s critical to have a consultation right away to determine what your needs are and to create a treatment schedule that will help you achieve the look you want in plenty of time for your big day.

Without surgery or knives, Shea Kaplan, PA-C, will customize a Beverly Hills Non Surgical Wedding Makeover for you. It’s a skin care routine and a plan for treatment to give you the glowing, radiant, youthful skin you want, not just for the day itself, but to treasure for a lifetime in your photos and videos of your special event.

Treatment recommendations might include a range of treatment modalities, all designed to help you look like yourself – not like you’ve “had work done,” but like the most rested, rejuvenated, and freshest version of you possible.

Possible treatments might include platelet rich plasma with micro needling – a treatment that uses your own body’s healing and regenerative powers to stimulate your own collagen production.

Botox and dermal fillers might be used separately or together to help smooth wrinkles and provide fullness where age related collagen breakdown has caused lines to develop.

Shea might recommend a series of peels to help remove the dead layers that are hiding your skin’s natural beauty.

And to keep you on the path to optimal skin health, she will help you to create a customized calendar of treatment between your consultation and your big day – so you know exactly when to come in to achieve and then maintain the results you want.

And last – but perhaps most importantly – Shea will recommend a skin care routine tailored to you that helps protect and preserve your enhanced look for your big day and beyond.

Get your skin ready for your big day – schedule your consultation today for your Beverly Hills Non Surgical Wedding Makeover!

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