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Beverly Hills Botox for Men:

What if you could have the “Brotox” edge?

Brotox - Beverly Hills Botox for Men

These days, Beverly Hills men’s skin care and rejuvenation is the secret advantage every man needs.  Whether it’s closing a deal or connecting with that special someone, the truth is – appearances matter.

And when you make the decision that it’s time to try Botox for men, 90210 guys go to see Shea Kaplan.

At Shea Aesthetics, your “Brotox” can be our little secret.

It’s a proven fact that a smooth, wrinkle-free face can help you to look better, feel better, and perform better in every area of your life.


What’s the secret to getting the best results for Botox for men in the 90210?

According to most industry experts, the best way to get natural looking results from your cosmetic procedure like Botox for men is to find someone who specializes in the procedure in question.

But in many general practitioners’ offices, services like Brotox are added on just as another form of profit.

The fact is – you don’t want to leave your appearance in the hands of just anyone.

Shea Kaplan, PA-C, is the Beverly Hills Sculptress and Botox professional.

Shea specializes in helping her male clients use Botox to look like themselves, only younger, better rested, and more alive.

And experience shows that when it comes time to seeking a job or closing a deal, often having a more youthful appearance can have a surprising amount of influence.

What if you had an expert in men’s unique skin care needs?

As in so many things – when it comes to Botox, men and women are different.

Finding the right person to help you explore if Brotox is right for you comes down to finding a practitioner who is familiar with men’s unique skin care needs, facial anatomy and muscle structure, and hair pattern.

Contact Shea Kaplan to get started looking like yourself again…only better.

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